748 Low Catton - Stamford Bridge - Archbishop Holgate School

Route Description:  

Route: Low Catton, Church Lane, High Catton, Stamford Bridge, High Catton Road, Church Road, Battle Flats Way, Main Street,

Stamford Bridge Square then A166 through Gate Helmsley, Stamford Bridge Road, A166,

 Hull Road, Archbishop Holgate School.Return by inward route reversed.

School days only

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Service No                             748 Service No 748
White Thorn Farm 07:50 Archbishop Holgate School 15:20
Low Catton, Golden Cup Inn 07:55 Scoreby Lane Ends 15:35
High Catton, Telephone Box 08:00 Stamford Bridge, The Square 15:38
Stamford Bridge, Roman Ave 08:05 Stamford Bridge, Battle Flats 15:42
Stamford Bridge, Old Station 08:09 Stamford Bridge, Old Station 15:44
Stamford Bridge, Battle Flats 08:11 Stamford Bridge, Roman Avenue 15:48
Stamford Bridge, The Square 08:15 High Catton, Telephone Box 15:53
Scoreby Lane Ends 08:18 Low Catton, Golden Cup Inn 15:58
Archbishop Holgate School 08:35 White Thorn Farm 16:03

This route is open to all passengers who have a pass issued by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council

On Tuesday 6th September 2016, this service will commence at 0850