757H Burton Leonard - Ferrensby - Scotton - King James

Route Description - Burton LeonardStation Lane, Copgrove Road, Apron Lane, Copgrove, Wath Lane, Occaney LaneStaveley, Main Street,Arkendale Road, West Field Lane, Arkendale, Reins, Moor Lane, Ferrnesby, Fernham Lane, Main StreetFarnhamStang Lane, Low Moor Lane, Main Street, Scotton, New Road, B6165, Ripley RoadKnaresborough, York Place, King James Road, King James School

School days only

Service No                            757H Service No 757H
Burton Leonard 07:45 King James School 15:35
Copgrove 07:48 Lands Lane Road Ends 15:44
Staveley 07:50 Scotton Banks 15:52
Arkendale 07:55 Scotton 15:55
Ferrensby 08:00 Lingerfield 16:00
Farnham 08:02 Elm Lodge, Low Moor Lane 16:02
Elm Lodge, Low Moor Lane 08:03 Farnham 16:03
Lingerfield 08:05 Ferrensby 16:05
Scotton 08:10 Arkendale 16:10
Scotton Banks 08:13 Staveley 16:15
Lands Lane Road Ends 08:21 Copgrove 16:17
King James School 08:35 Burton Leonard 16:20

This route is open to all passengers who have a pass issued by North Yorkshire County Council or have a pass pruchased from York Pullman or on payment of a fare to the driver and there are single, return and weekly fares available.

Fares  from April 2016

Between Burton Leonard and Arkendale Single Fare £1.50 Return Fare £2.70 Weekly ticket - £11.75

Between Ferrensy and Scotton Banks Single Fare £1.40 Return Fare £2.40 Weekly ticket - £10.50

Annual passes are avaliable by application - click here for the application form