Service 51 RAF Church Fenton - Ullskelf - Kirk Fenton

Route Description:  Operate via Church Fenton Lane, Ulleskelf, B1223, Bell Lane, Main Street, Church Fenton Lane, Bell Lane, Main Street, New Lane, B1223, Kirby Wharfe Lane Ends, Raw Lane, A162 Towton, A162 Barkston Ash, London Road, Main Street, Church Street, Common Road, Church Fenton, Station Road, Main Street.

Return via Main Street, Church Fenton Lane, Ulleskelf, Main Street, Bell Lane, B1223, Kirby Lane Wharfe Ends

School Days Only

These times are correct from 7th October 2013

Service No. 51 Service No 51
RAF Church Fenton     08:20 Kirk Fenton School                 15:25
Ulleskelf (Main Street) 08:23 RAF Church Fenton 15:27
Ulleskelf (Church Fenton Lane)           08:25 Ulleskelf  (Main Street) 15:35
Ulleskelf (B1223/West End) 08:28 Ulleskelf (Church Fenton Lane 15:37
Kirby Wharfe Lane End 08:30 Ulleskelf (B1223/West End) 15:38
Townton 08:45 Kirby Wharfe Lane End 15:40
Barkston Ash 08:47    
Kirk Fenton School 08:50    

This service is open to all passengers on payment of a fare to the driver


Single fare 40p

Return fare 80p

For a map of the pick up points in Ulleskelf - plase click here