What does this mean?

This page has been specially prepared for teachers or anyone with a responsibility for making transport arrangements for school trips or journeys carrying young people. This will also be of huge interest to many parents if their child will be travelling by coach. The following information has been put together by BUSK, who are a leading independent body providing advice on children and young people travelling by coach. York Pullman have joined the BUSK – Simply Safe scheme and have had to satisfy BUSK that they comply with legal requirements, meet the highest safety standards and are willing to go that extra mile to meet a customer's expectations.

Seat Belts

We have provided BUSK with extensive information about our company and how it is managed including the fullest information about our fleet, how we maintain our vehicles and how often vehicle safety inspections are carried out. This also include reports on MOT pass rates and BUSK have checked our standing with the Traffic Commissioner, who enforces standards of operation within the coaching industry. BUSK have also looked at the York Pullman's culture and attitude to safety with the company's drivers being scrutinised to see what additional training they have received once they have gained their PCV license and what periodic re-assessments are made in respect of a driver's skills. We have signed a Safety Charter, which you can get by clicking the link below and some useful information is also included on our Company Profile (also linked to below).

The 'Safe Journey' Duty of Care

We are often asked for quotes for school trips from teachers simply getting three quotes, but choosing the cheapest operator is definitely not demonstrating the correct culture and attitude to the safety of pupils in a school's care. The law requires a school to provide a 'safe journey'. An adequate written risk assessment that clearly identifies any risks to passengers and shows how potential risks will be reduced is crucial. Risk assessments do not have to be onerous and once completed should be re-visited once a year to re-assess standards. This specific risk assessment should be about the activity or purpose of the trip, the standard and type of transport used, qualifications and experience of the driver, the route to be travelled and forward planning including emergency plans in the event of breakdown, accident or illness. We can also provide a document to help you complete your risk assessment including full details of our licences, insurance and other useful information. Every school should have a transport document that includes a seat belt policy, clearly detailing how seat belt wearing will be enforced. Safety advice given to the school by the coach company must be taken seriously and adhere to company's safety rules and instructions in the same way that they would when travelling by sea or with an airline. This is a legal requirement and schools must be aware of and adhere to seat belt legislation in all respects. For further clarification and full details of the Simply Safe scheme, you can contact BUSK directly at their website.