New facemask requirements for bus service passengers from Monday 15th June 2020

From Monday 15th June it becomes law in England that all bus passengers must be wearing a face mask before boarding any vehicle. The aim of this measure is to help stop asymptomatic people passing the virus on to others, as well as to act as a visible reminder of the need for distancing whilst on the bus.

Our vehicles on the 21, 36 and 37 bus service routes are clearly marked up with appropriate signage and from Monday 15th June the driver will require you to be wearing a mask when you board the bus. These don't have to be something expensive or complicated, the kind of simple mask you can make at home will work just as well! For more information on the types of mask you can easily make for yourself, please click here for more information on this.

Please can customers also continue to pay on the bus by contactless card payment wherever possible, to minimise contact with cash and other people.

We hope our passengers will join us in welcoming this extra measure from Monday 15th June, in the interests of helping to prevent a second wave of the COVID-19 virus as the world tries it's best to slowly head back in the direction of normal life again.