When others stop, York Pullman gets going!

Friday 27th July, just another day at York Pullman HQ, when the call came through to say that the storms had pretty much stopped all the local trains, HELP!

This is where the exceptional expertise of the whole York Pullman team comes into its own. Before long, in excess of 35 vehicles were mobilised around York and the local area, providing desperately needed onward transport to stranded travellers. Our management team worked closely on site all day with the train operators to ensure the best possible recovery of a very difficult day on the railways. 1000’s of passengers were safely moved to where they wanted to be and a day that started out looking like a traveller’s disaster ended much better for everyone.


This is just one example of why York Pullman is the area’s premier bus and coach operator. We’re not just here for the daily school bus or a work’s day out at the races, we’re part of the local community and have the resources and specialist skills to help out with days like this too, and are always proud to work with our railway colleagues when things go wrong.

Whatever your travel needs, trust York Pullman to take you where you want to go.