Service T2 Church Fenton to Tadcaster Grammar

Service T2 Church Fenton to Tadcaster Grammar School

Time Outward Route Time Return Route


Church Fenton Station 15:35 Tadcaster Grammar School                      


Kirk Fenton Primary School 15:40 Tadcaster Bus Station


Church Fenton Flyer 15:48 Ulleskelf Garage
07:52 Ulleskelf Garage 15:51 Church Fenton Flyer
08:00 Tadcaster Bus Station 15:55 Kirk Fenton Primary School
08:02 Queens Gardens, Tadcaster 15:57 Church Fenton, Station
08:07 Tadcaster Grammar School    

This service is available to pupils who have purchased an annual pass or have an NYCC issued pass. Individual fares are available from the driver.

Passes purchased thorugh Just Travel will be honoured until new passes can be issued and new payments set up. We have contacted all those involved, so if you haven't heard from us, please contact our office.

This service is available for use by the general public.